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An Apple a Day- A Rhyme for Healthy Eating

‘An apple a day’ is a popular nursery rhyme and it encourages healthy eating. It is an educational song and is a very informative one too. The poet is not known and there are no details of the first publication either. However, some pictures from the 16th century showing a physician with a stick tells us that the rhyme is an old one as it is about the doctor who is kept away due to healthy eating. The rhyme has easy to read and catchy lyrics and children love to sing it along with actions. The original wording of the rhyme is a bit different than the modern version of this children’s song.

About the lyrics:

The lyrics revolve around emphasizing the importance of eating an apple daily. The lyrics of this poem start with ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, which means that if you eat an apple daily, you won’t get sick and there will be no need to see a doctor. The poem was written when it was found that Apple has many benefits such as it regulates the level of cholesterol and also prevents strokes. Also, people who eat more apples have to use lesser medications as compared to those who don’t.

The lesson for kids:

‘An apple a day’ is one of the most meaningful and beneficial nursery rhymes of all time. It encourages healthy eating and also tells the children that healthy eating won’t make you sick. In spite of being healthy and active, eating apple will also make you ruddy and beautiful. Children easily get inspired by rhymes and ads and this children’s song is just meant for making them eat with fun. Also, if your child doesn’t like eating apples, you can try singing this rhyme and see the magic!

Johny Johny Yes Papa- The Famous Nursery Rhyme

‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ is one of the most famous nursery rhymes and it is sung by many children around the world with love. The song not only consists of appealing lyrics, but also gives an important message to the children. The children song is said to be originated in Kenya and is said to be more than 60 years old. The ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ rhyme seems to be everywhere on the web and there are many different videos that are based on this kids song.

About the lyrics:

The lyrics of this poem revolve around a boy named ‘Johny’ who is being confronted by his father for eating sugar. The toddlers song starts with ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa… Eating sugar, No Papa’. The father knows that his son is lying so he asks him to open his mouth, and then he laughs when he sees it. The laughing of his father indicates that he has caught Johny red handed. The rhyme has been used for making many cartoon videos and sometimes they change the character from Johny to someone else too, but the message remains the same.

Lesson for kids:

The poem teaches the children to be obedient and not to eat anything without the permission of their elders. Also, it gives a message that sugar isn’t good for their health and they shouldn’t be eating it like this. Though this is a short preschool rhyme, but it gives a clear message that eating unhealthy food is not a good choice. This way the children are also encouraged to obey their elders and the fear of being caught also remains in their heart. The lyrics are catchy and the tone of this rhyme is good too. ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ is an interactive and joyous nursery rhyme and gives a good lesson too.