Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor
NAzAEYC Affiliate President

Elizabeth currently works 40 hours per week as the Executive Director of four nationally accredited preschool sites in Flagstaff, AZ.  Elizabeth also teaches preschool every day at one of the sites.  She has been with this parent cooperative, multi-age preschool for 23 years.  During the evenings, Elizabeth teaches at Northern Arizona University in the Early Childhood Department and has done so for 18 years.  She is the 6-year president of the Northern Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children (NAzAEYC) and the 10-year adviser of the Northern Arizona University NAzAEYC student chapter.

Elizabeth holds her Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University in addition to her Early Childhood, Reading Specialist and ESL endorsements.  Elizabeth started 12 preschool classrooms in Flagstaff over the last 32 years and has been a teacher since she was 16 years of age. . . 40 years of experience. 

When Elizabeth’s children were young, she was their preschool teacher in the mornings.  In the afternoons when she came home with them, Elizabeth did certified childcare for DES and took care of children and adults as a certified respite care provider.  Elizabeth also tutored in the evenings and on weekends for those needing reading support.  She was a single mom of four children, so she worked out of the home constantly until they grew up.  Now Elizabeth works out of the home most of the day.

Elizabeth co- wrote a parenting curriculum for pregnant young women and their partners which is being taught all over Flagstaff, AZ.  Students get high school and college credit upon completion of the course and a scholarship to Elizabeth’s preschool to continue their education.  Elizabeth partnered with Coconino County School superintendent Robert Kelty and former, long-time ASCC trainer, Rene Hobbs on this project.  They are in their second year of teaching the course. 

Elizabeth is in the 3rd year of the Reggio Collaboration Project, a project involving collaboration in 6-12 classrooms on becoming Reggio inspired in their own way.  They have annual Heritage Projects, regular artist trainings, artist in residence, documenters, etc.  Elizabeth wrote and managed the 2nd and 3rd year of the grant project which totals $40,000.00 in the last two years. 

The students at Northern Arizona University do several community projects with Elizabeth.  These include weekly readings at the library, early childhood fairs, workshop presentations, and several volunteer projects at Northern Arizona University in the College of Education.

NAEYC is still the most respected institution for research, articles, and best practices indicators.  Over the years Elizabeth has been active in NAEYC and has networked with many passionate people advocating for young children and families.  I love working with the Northern Arizona University students the most!